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Vivo 85 Hydro



Simple, elegant and intelligent pellet fireplace insert with water jacket with output of 22,3kW. The front door is made of glass without exposed front vents (lower perimeter air outlet) which adds to the clean lines of the fireplace with a refference to the scandinavian design. 

The same way as the lower version (VIVO 80 HYDRO) the turbulators can be cleaned directly by opening the door, while extraordinary maintenance is very easy to perform thanks to the structure’s rail extraction system. The weekly cleaning of the turbulator can be completed in seconds only by the openning of the front door and the moving of the holders of the turbulators. The ashtray is located behind the glass door, under the combustion chamber for ease of extraction - pull it outwards.

All MCZ models and VIVO 85 Hydro have controls that allow weekly pragramming. 

When completed with a special module (option) you can control it from a distance via SMS.

  • Type Inserts
  • Fuel type Pellets
  • Heating Water
  • Nominal heat capacity 4.4-22.30kW
  • Thermal power with fluid 18 kW
  • Fuel consumption 0,9 - 4,9 kg/h
  • Run time at max 5h - 28h
  • Efficiency 92,50%
  • Flue diameter 80 mm
  • Weight 190 kg