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Vivo 90 Air Pellet



Pellet built in fireplace for warm air  Vivo 90 Air Pellet is specially designed to give the customer a larger panoramic view of the burning fire. The black metal body and big glass complete the elegant look of the unit. Te fireplace can be fitted with any type of cladding. The complete look transforms the room and creates a special atmosphere.

The brazier is cast iron, large in width


The fireplace can be complete with a system for forced ventilation Comfort Air Slim  and is able to heat up to two additional rooms throught fluepipes and separate ventilators.

We offer the possibility to turn off the ventilators and the warm air to circulate thought the natural convection so that the fireplace becomes completely silent.


 The remote control regulates the room temperature, the fire strenght and the force of the two ventilators separately as well as the weekly programable function.


The microprocess new generation control enables you to regulate the unit through a smartphone or     
tablet . It is optional and you will need to add a special module. The set temperature , start and shut off times can be controlled from a distance through GPRS (messages) or Wi-Fi. You will need to install the app for iOS or Android.




  • Type Inserts
  • Fuel type Pellets
  • Heating Air
  • Nominal heat capacity 2,7 - 10,5kW
  • Fuel consumption 0,8 - 2,2 kg/h
  • Efficiency 91%
  • Flue diameter 80 mm
  • Weight 180 kg
Comfort Air SlimComfort Air Slim Active plusActive plus