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Thema Air8M1



Pellet-fuelled stove with a minimal design.
It is fitted with a Black painted steel coating and has a Black, White o Serpentine ceramic grid at the front.
Sealed structure and intelligent combustion management with Maestro technology and double Wi-Fi included (Thema Air 8 M1) or with Active+ (Thema Air 8 H1).

Perfect solution for optimising the space

Thanks to its reduced height (80cm) and the upper smoke outlet, this stove can be easily installed in homes with an existing flue pipe.

Maestro version is also available with smoke outlet on the back, with optional hole cover.

With this little stove we are able to easily heat over 70 square metres.
The flame is stunning, even compared to other pellet stoves on the market. 

Extension project heated with Thema

Excludable ventilation

The No-Air function allows you to completely exclude the forced ventilation in the stove, ensuring maximum silence and all of the advantages of heat diffused throughout the room by natural convection.

Thema Air 8 M1 version can be controlled via a smartphone both at home and away from home with a specific application and a double Wi-Fi included as standard. As an alternative to using your own smartphone, there are available as optional a handheld remote control, with the app already installed, or a self-installing digital control panel.



   Black            White       Serpentino

  • TypeFree standing
  • Fuel typePellets
  • HeatingAir
  • Nominal heat capacity2,4 - 8,0kW
  • Fuel consumption0,6 - 1,8kg/h
  • Run time at max7h - 20h
  • Efficiency94,4 %
  • Flue diameter100 mm
  • Weight147 kg