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Plasma 75



Front wood-burning fireplace "PLASMA 75" MCZ - Italy with innovative features. It offers high-performance and ease to use. The combustion air and glass cleaning inlets can be fully ducted to the outside thus insulating the chimney from the installation environment.

“Environmentally friendly” design
The new combustion is high-performing and efficient in accordance with the strictest regulations in terms of emissions (Ecodesign 2022).Plasma fireplaces are designed to guarantee maximum exploitation of the heat, whether natural convection is used, or forced ventilation is the preferred choice.All Plasma fireplaces can be teamed with the patented COMFORT AIR® system, that makes it possible to convey the hot air to several rooms – even unconnected – at a distance of up to 8 metres.

All Plasma fireplaces may be complemented by a 3 mm thick passe-partout compensation frame (optional) for installations without cladding. Self-cleaning heart in Alutec®. Alutec® is the exclusive material developed and patented by MCZ for all its fireplaces. A patented formula of high alumina content achieved by processing at temperatures of up to 300 °C allows guaranteed self-cleaning of the combustion chamber through a chemical reaction. With its light colour, it makes the flame uniquely bright and even more beautiful. 
Opening with handle or cool handle at 90 or 45°. The look of the fireplace can be customized by choosing the handle that blends in best with the room. 
The “Easy Switch” system offers in fact the option of using either the handle or the cool handle, prioritising ergonomics or very clean aesthetics, respectively. Without handle (cool handle) the doors opens at 90° for cleaning. With handle the door opening is at 45°. 
New intuitive and simplified adjustment system

“Easy Going”, the new intuitive and simplified adjustment system, was designed with the user in mind: instead of technical concepts relating to the stages of combustion, there is a simple choice of 5 options corresponding to the actual situations of use of the fireplace:

“start” for a quick ignition of the flame
“clean”, the air option for the glass cleaning
“comfort” for a lively flame with the right balance of primary and secondary air
“performance” for a better heat exchange of the fireplace
“sleep” for a combustion with very little oxygen to increase the fuel duration

  • Type Inserts
  • Fuel type Wood
  • Heating Air
  • Nominal heat capacity 12,5 kW
  • Fuel consumption
  • Efficiency 83,0%
  • Flue diameter 200 mm
  • Weight 300 kg