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Musa hydromatic



Pellet stove with steel structure "MCZ Musa Hydromatic" cast iron top and steel sides. Cast iron brazier. Intelligent combustion management with Maestro technology and double Wi-Fi included (Active+ for the Hydro Matic versions). As one of the most popular MCZ products this stove is characterised by a broad and natural flame, weekly-emptying ash pan, ceramic spark plug for quick three-minute ignition.

Even more beautiful view of the flame
The combustion chamber is brand new, larger and more proportionate, to offer an even more breathtaking view of the fire. The height and depth of the firebox have been increased, ensuring vertical development and a more natural movement of the flame. 

Ignition speed
Thanks to a new ceramic spark plug, the flame appears in less than three minutes, with a 40% reduction in ignition times and a significant cut in electrical consumption.

Cleaning autonomy
With this product, the capacity of the ash pan has been increased to almost 5 litres and the capacity of the ash compartment to more than 8 litres, which means about one week of stove operation. 
Plus, the Hydro Matic version feature an automatic scraping system that prevents ash build-up and avoids having to clean the firebox every day.

Hydro Matic Active+ versions: these models can be managed with a control panel, assembled on top, with easy and intuitive functions. The remote management via smartphone is available with an accessory kit.

Maestro versions (Air, Comfort Air®, Comfort Air Matic, Hydro Matic): these models can be controlled via a smartphone both at home and away from home with a specific application and a double Wi-Fi included as standard. As an alternative to using your own smartphone, there are available as optional a handheld remote control, with the app already installed, or a self-installing digital control panel.   

Dedicated App for Maestro versions (Air, Comfort Air®, Comfort Air Matic, Hydro Matic) 

This stove is in the A+ energy efficiency class. Musa Hydro Matic 16 (Active+ version and Maestro version) is in A++ class. 

  • Type Free standing
  • Fuel type Pellets
  • Heating Water
  • Nominal heat capacity 4,5 - 16,0 kW
  • Thermal power with fluid 12,7 kW
  • Fuel consumption 1,00 - 3,50 kg/h
  • Run time at max 7 - 25 hours
  • Efficiency 95,60 %
  • Flue diameter 80 mm
  • Weight 190 kg
Active plusActive plus